Rumors: Draft Kings to expand in China, cover Chinese sports

DraftKings is a website that allows users to enter into daily and weekly fantasy sports contests from all over the world.

There are rumors that they are entertaining the idea of expanding into China and covering Chinese sports for fantasy leagues.

But it’s really not that surprising.

China has done well with network marketing companies before, so this would be right up their alley.

Who are the Draft Kings?

Since 2012 the company is considered to be a very populous online fantasy destinations for many people and it claims that everything it offers is 100% legal, which aiming in providing online users with short term fantasy contests, like football, when compared to other seasonal leagues. More specifically, the site allows the users of draft kings to bet real money on their teams.

Even though it’s a successful website, just a few months ago the company was reported last April to have raise $250 million at a $900 million valuation in late March. This led many people wondering if sports betting online is a legal act.

But fantasy sport is considered to be “a game of skills”, according to the federal law. How can in fact this be possible, when gambling in not legal in some States in America, like Nevada and Oregon?

Legal Online Gaming. Play. Team Up. Win.

People across the United States of America are gambling on sports every day, but illegally. In 2006 the government passed a federal law that established these kind of online games as legal ones.

In fantasy sports, users make their own teams based on real life players. The outcome of the game is determined by the way a specific player performs in a certain play and the points he gets in a real game.

So, unlike some other sports online gambling, where people bet on the result of specific games, the law states that fantasy games is a form of game, where actual skills are taking into consideration in order for someone to win by betting. More specifically, while online casino games, such as poker, are considered to be games of luck, on the other hand, fantasy online sports, including daily fantasy, are declared as games of skill.

Therefore, this distinction is what makes fantasy sports legal, while at the same time online casino games, as well as other online lotters are not considered to be legal by the federal law. Furthermore, the law that declared fantasy sports (like draft kings) as legal was first introduced in 1999 and the last action on it took place in 2006. Thus, under the current laws in the United States, the fantasy sports are considered legal and will continue to flourish more day by day, racking up millions of dollars in revenue.

It’s true that online fantasy sports sites promise big rewards for their players. For example, Draft Kings said it would come out with more than $1 billion in winnings this years. While there are many ways to play, the basic idea if that fans of draft players onto their virtual teams and the enjoy by seeing whose team performs the best, which comes away with cash.

What do the winners get besides cash? All sorts of prizes, including tickets and fan gear, even health supplements like fancy beard oil and protein powder.

In addition, online fantasy sports companies, as draft kings, highlight the idea that players aren’t gambling in the sense of placing bets on random events, like roulette for example.

Instead, they are engaged in different kind of contests, that -theoretically of course- incorporate skills and knowledge, as well as attention to detail.

Will China allow such a thing? I guess time will tell.

Different ways GOP candidates are using social media to fuel marketing campaigns

Social media has been one of the best things to happen to political marketers around the world, and especially in the US. This year’s GOP candidates for the presidential race have proven to be exceptionally savvy when it comes to using social networks as marketing platforms, with multi-channel approaches, rich media posts and community building strategies.

Some GOP candidates have even endorsed network marketing companies in the past. Some of the better network companies, as it turns out, have recommendations from Donald Trump and Ben Carson.

Elections are not won on Facebook or Twitter, but there’s no denying the viral element that social networks foster, when it comes to pushing content to targeted audiences and watching it spread in a matter of seconds.

Let’s look at some of the most outstanding social media tactics the candidates have employed:

1. Live tweeting debates

Whether it’s their own debate or even a Democratic debate, Republican candidates have been exceedingly active on Twitter. Donald Trump, for example, decided to live-tweet the Democratic debate on October 13th.

A well-prepared Ben Carson also tweeted:

Takeaway: Live tweeting is an excellent way to gain more followers and engage in an online race against your competition. A candidate may have 50k followers but their tweets can reach 500k people, as they go viral.

2. Q&A engagement posts

A tactic that Ben Carson recently used to garner over 21,848 likes and 4,510 shares, by answering fans questions on Syrian refugees and Isis.

This is a real evolution from the direct “Vote for me” posts that candidates have used in the past. Social media is about communities and conversations, and Carson seems to understand that with this post.

Trump employed the same tactic, but for Twitter this time, using the hashtag #AskTrump in a campaign that had a 972,680 reach and gained 1,485,041 impressions in the past month according to

Takeaway: Show your fans and followers that you value their opinion and engage them in conversations built around common topics and interests. This will not only foster fan loyalty, it will also attract more people into your online community.

3. Leveraging the power of video

Marco Rubio issued a timely video response to the Paris attacks, that got over 30 000 views in only 2 days:

Media outlets immediately used this video to push further their individual agendas and, ultimately, help the video go viral:

Having one of the largest subscriber bases among the candidates on YouTube, Rand Paul also posts a video every few days. His publicity stunt video How Would You Kill the Tax Code? went viral 2 months ago, proving the power of social video:

Takeaway: Video is one of the most powerful digital strategies right now. But it has to be done right. Create an attractive channel and take the time to record and edit your videos with some of the good case practices we talked about in mind.

4. Using catchy hashtags

At the beginning of his campaign, Ted Cruz successfully managed to mobilize a huge blast of 75,000 tweets from his online supporters, using the hashtag #CruzCrew. The conversion on those 75,000 tweets was 1.1 billion Twitter impressions, breaking social media records. The hashtag is still being used by his fans, bringing in thousands of impressions:

Takeaway: Help your content go viral using smart hashtags. Research similar hashtags beforehand, test your own ideas and track the performance of the chosen hashtag as the campaign progresses.

5. Creating easy-to-digest, sharable posts

And passionate at that. Carly Fiorina gave a perfect example of a short and to-the-point post, with an impressive reach both on the social network, as well as in media coverage:

Turning to social media enables candidates to reach quickly and reach a huge number of people, as well as get press attention. A prerogative that marketing strategies did not provide in the past.

Takeaway: Online fans and followers have limited time and a short attention span for which every pop-up, post and ad is competing. Make sure your content is organized, easy to read and easy to skim in case of longer texts, as Ron Taylor of Host Authority points out.

6. Using live streaming apps

A new and bold technique even for regular business marketers, live streaming is gaining a lot of ground with presidential candidates this year.

After all, Donald Trump’s revealing of his tax plan on Periscope is one strategic move that marketers won’t forget too soon:

Proving this to be an already established tactic, Ted Cruz also turned to Periscope to broadcast one of his events:

In fact, many of the GOP candidates have live streaming accounts on Meerkat (Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz, John Kasich, George Pataki, Rand Paul and Rick Santorum) and almost all of them are Periscope users, with a few exceptions.

Takeaway: Live streaming can help you connect with viewers on a deeper level, as events are unfolding. It leverages the power of video and offers a key timing, to generate user reactions. The people who are tuning in are actively interesting in listening to what you have to say so make sure your message is clear, relevant and compelling.

Social media has become an indispensable campaign tool, that GOP candidates are turning against each other in a frenzy for voters impressions and clicks, but also to get constant media coverage. Another significant objective that drives GOP social media strategies, and one of the most important in marketing, is revenue. Candidates are using social networks to crowdfund their campaigns and attract investors.


All in all, even though polling can’t rely exclusively on the number of social followers and impressions that a candidate has, these social tactics and metrics can bear a significant influence on the final outcome of the race, as the Obama campaign demonstrated so skilfully in the past.

Chinese Community Changes Mindset To Achieve Success In Life With Tai Lopez 67 Steps

Tai Lopez Success StoryTai Lopez is an investor, entrepreneur and public speaker. He shares his knowledge to millions of people around the world, advising them about health, wealth, love and happiness. Tai had worked for various companies as a certified financial planner, after he dropped out of college. Tai is a self made millionaire and owns many of the biggest night clubs in the east coast. He had also worked in GE capital. After that, he started LLG Finacial Inc. and worked for 4 years. Currently, he gives speeches throughout the country about his famous program called The 67 Steps. Tai also has a following from his podcasts and his YouTube channel.

The 67 Steps Program By Tai Lopez

The 67 Steps is the most popular program by Tai Lopez about achieving a good life. This is an online video course which contains 67 principles to obtain an excellent lifestyle. The program is a series of steps, summarized after reading thousands of books, talking with successful people and Tai’s own personal life experiences as an investor. It contains the wisdoms and words of great philosophers like Plato, Socrates, Ray Krock, Joe Salatin, and many more. It is an inside peek of the practices that made these personalities successful and how anyone can do it too. In this program, Tai will also share how he started from earning a minimum wage to earning millions of dollars. Tai also explains how you can balance your health and wealth, and your work life and your social life and reach the state of Eudaimonia.

In the program, Tai takes the absolute most productive ideas, and encounters from the pioneer tycoons, and billionaires in history and distills their thoughts, and sorts them out into 67 stages you can use to enhance your way of life.

How Can Tai Lopez 67 Steps Change My Life?

The 67 Steps by Tai Lopez is for everyone are very practically attainable. The simplicity of the program is one of the reasons for you to have this program. You’ll definitely have a different outlook on life and will be more successful. This is a great way to achieve more in less time. It gives you an idea about how successful people think and how they act in certain situations and phases of life. This program will help you in achieving whatever you’ve desired. It will help you in staying motivated for what you desire. It will also help you in managing, organizing and reorganizing your life in a better way.

Tai Lopez: The Good Life

According to Tai Lopez, a good life isn’t just about money, but it’s about harmony. It is achieved when your wealth, health, work life and social life are all in a complete balance. It is an excellent and quality life. The 67 Steps teaches you how to achieve The Good Life. However, you may use it to achieve anything your heart desires love, happiness, money, health or peace. How you use this program for your benefit is totally up to you. It’s just that The 67 Steps can be used to achieve anything. Anything.

How Thrive Derma Fusion Technology is Changing Lives Daily

Recently, Le-Vel, which is a popular health company, released a state of the art lifestyle program known as THRIVE Experience. This 8-week health plan has been heralded as one of the most effective and trustworthy supplement programs to ever be created, and thousands of individuals across the world are frantically trying to get their hands on all of the THRIVE products.

Le-vel Thrive

Users have specifically praised this program for successfully working for so many types of individuals, no matter their age, gender, or body type, as well as for accomplishing a variety of mental and physical health goals. There is no doubt in our minds that this program will only continue to increase in popularity and that it will remain popular for the inevitable future.

Find the THRIVE Experience Package That is Perfect For You and Your Needs


When you make the life changing decision to complete the THRIVE Experience, you have three different packages that you must decide between. The first package, known as the “Lifestyle Pack”, starts retailing at $100 and serves as a great introductory package for individuals that are just beginning the THRIVE Experience for the first time. The Lifestyle Pack comes with a large enough supply of products for four weeks, including capsules and shake mix, and provides users with the option of paying extra in order to add on another four weeks of Derma Fusion Technology. The Lifestyle Pack is by far one of the most common packages amongst consumers, and it is very clear why.


Additionally, consumers also have the option of purchasing the Tone Pack, which retails at $140. The Tone Pack is incredibly popular as well, but, unlike the Lifestyle Pack, it has a specific emphasis on weight loss and muscle toning. It is the perfect THRIVE Experience package for anyone looking to get into better shape, and it is very similar to the Lifestyle Pack in the fact that it also provides four weeks worth of products and has an option to purchase additional Derma Fusion Technology.


The third package that is available for purchase is the Couples Pack. The Couples Pack is ideal for any man and woman that would like to complete the THRIVE Experience together, and it comes complete with four weeks worth of products for each individual. This pack sells for $200 and up, but it is a fantastic deal, as it comes with enough supplements for two separate people.

Why You Should Choose to Complete The THRIVE Experience


The THRIVE Experience has the ability to boost the average individual’s cognitive functions, instigate weight loss, reduce inflammation throughout the body, encourage the creation of lean muscle, improve the digestive and immune systems, and help impede the effects of aging. All of these are fantastic health benefits, and they are results that you can simply not get from any other product. The THRIVE Experience works for absolutely everyone, and that is why we so strongly encourage you all to give it a try. Once you start completing this program, you will immediately feel healthier, and you will start to see fantastic results almost instantly.